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It feels like every day some fabulous amateur babe comes over in the mood for some spooge. Kaci is one of the loveliest hotties I've ever seen with a pair or huge boobs and a sweet round booty. She's 24 years old, and she loves swallowing spooge. You've got to see the way she blows me until I bust a wad right in her pretty mouth. Don't get me wrong, I pounded that tight slit plenty, but all she really cared about getting was a mouthful of spooge. Amateur Allure has the whole XXX video if you'd like to watch it.

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blowjobs, swallows, swallowing, facials, creamy face

If they all look at cute as this steamy blonde amateur cutie, no wonder the escort industry is booming. Lailani has the freshest face I've ever seen and it looks even cuter filled up with my firm dick. She licks all up and down it before sliding her tight snatch down and riding it until she cums. That's not all she's after though. Once this luscious blonde babe has came her brains out, she wants a mouthful of spooge to drink. If you want to discover for yourself just how well this erotic amateur cutie gives head, come see her at Amateur Allure!

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1 Sep 14

Jizz Cup

This is fucking awesome…. She’s got a cup full of jizz and she’s about to swallow it down!

jizz in cup

This is taking the cum swallow to the next level!

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Some chicks just don’t like to listen. No matter how many times you tell them, they just can’t do it right. So sometimes you need to step in and take action – and force them to do it right!

This bitch wasn’t about to willingly deep throat him, which is such a shame – because all men like to have their cocks deep throated! But that’s no problem, just grabbing her by her hair is a quick way to get exactly what you want out of her. When you yank on her hair, trust me, you have her undivided attention! Suddenly getting her to deep throat is no problem, no problem at all!

cumshot in mouth2

She never really was one much for cum swallowing either, so while you’ve got her hair in your hand it’s time to kick her of that nasty habit too!

When your just about to cum, position her mouth right in front of your cock, and then when you start cumming yank on her hair – trust us, she’ll open up her mouth – and then swallow down all of your jizz!

cumshot in mouth3

Once you have your cum shot in her mouth, don’t let go of her hair. Keep pulling on her hair, not enough so that it’s painful, but enough so that it’s in her best interests to keep her head tilted up and making it impossible for her to spit it out… Then tell her you’ll let go once she cum swallows your jizz load!

cumshot in mouth4

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31 Aug 14

Sneaky Blow Job

Some girls just like sucking cock. It’s not about pleasing their man, or doing what is required of her. This hot little bitch surprised her man with a sneaky little blow job out by the pool….

You know how blow jobs go – one thing leads to another, and one blow job leads to a whole other set of great ideas…..

whore loves-cock eats jizz17

She sucked and she sucked and it turned him on so much that he wanted much more! They quickly moved into the house where she continued to suck him off!

This tight little brunette took it all the way to the end – right up to the point where he dropped a nice load of goo square on her tongue! Seems to me that she’s enjoying it, just like we had hoped she would! She sure does look beautiful with all of that goo on her tongue!

whore loves-cock eats jizz16

Now we know why they call them “blowjob ninjas“! The sneak up on you when your not expecting it and start sucking you off!

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blowjobs, swallows, swallowing, facials, creamy face

The dick out here in Cali must be bigger than in Colorado, because this babe took a hell of a drive for a mouthful of some. Her name is Kaci and she's got such a sweet face and a body that was just made for sex, i almost didn't believe my eyes. but sure enough, this curvy 24 year old hottie was here and she was eager to get fucked. I loved watching those massive boobs of hers bounce while she pounded her pussy on ray's dick and eventually begged him for his cumshot. Amateur Allure just can't be challenged when it comes to lovely amateur chicks like Kaci.

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This beauty from Amateur Allure not only looks smoking hot with her mouth full of cock, but she also looks like she knows what she’s doing when it comes to oral sex! It seems to me that all of the girls from Amateur Allure really know what they are doing when it comes to blow jobs! I have no idea how they do it, but every girl on the website is a pro and every one of them loves to cum swallow!

christie devours-jizz1

Christie from Amateur Allure looks so proud of having a shot of jizz in her mouth, right there on her tongue…. It’s almost like she’s trying to say “look what I can do”. And then she swallows it down like a good little whore, doing the cum swallow thing!

christie devours-jizz2

All of the girls from Amateur Allure can cum swallow, that’s for sure! That’s what makes it the best oral website on the Internet!

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When you get bored with all those skinny barely legal girls, come meet this beauty. Her name is Kaci and she's a curvy 24 year old amateur cutie from Aspen Colorado who enjoys giving head. As soon as she gets in a room with our boy Ray, she takes his hard dick down her throat like it's her job. Next thing you know, she's pounding that sweet slit on him until he shoots in her mouth. There's nothing but sexy spooge swallowing babes over at Amateur Allure!

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30 Aug 14

Covered In Jizz

She looks all nice and innocent, doesn’t she? Don’t be fooled. She’s not all sweet and innocent. Most chicks are more than willing to get down on their knees to suck off a little cock every now and then, but every so often you meet a chick who is into oral sex much more than you would think! And this sweet little innocent brunette is one of those chicks who likes to take things to the next level!

young-bitch loves jizz2 young-bitch loves jizz3

And when I say the next level, I mean she wants to take cock on three and four at a time! She lives for the jizz! She just can’t get enough! She wants to swallow down as much goo as she can swallow down!

young-bitch loves jizz

Got to love chicks who love to cover their face with lots of jizz!

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Oh how love women who love to swallow cum…. As if it’s not hot enough that women are willing to get down on the knees and suck us off every chance they get, they are also willing to swallow down our jizz! Make sure you eat lots of fruit, because you need your jizz tasting good for these hotties!

This blonde babe from the Jizz Mouthwash site sucked him off and then opened up her mouth wide and just waited for him to drop his sperm load into her mouth…..

cumshot hot blonde eats jizz13

He let loose with a huge load of sperm, which she took in on the tongue of her mouth….. and then she swallowed it down, just like the good little whore she’s always been!

cumshot hot blonde eats jizz14 cumshot hot blonde eats jizz15

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