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Kennedy Leigh is a pretty blonde 18 year old from Minnesota with a big bright smile, adorable blue eyes, and a sexy little body with curves in all the right places. Today she’s here to show us what she likes to do!

Lia Lor, this sexy 21 year old blonde beauty came to us in our last pre-audition with a BJ that literally blew Ray’s mind. Now she’s back to show off her incredible oral skills with a full blown suck and fuck session.

Sexy 20 year old Lola Foxx came back to play! Our favorite Italian spinner from Valencia, California is here again to explore her secret naughty side!

What a total piece of ass! Mika (aka Kira Sinn), I love this one, a sweet 20 year old with soft porcelain skin, a gorgeous face, beautiful round ass, nice tight shaved little pussy and an amazing pair of big suckable tits!


Anikka is back! The stunning 24 year old tour guide from Denver, Colorado with the sexy, wide smile and jaw dropping round ass has returned for her facial follow up!

Madison takes thick cock down her throat as she gazes up with her big beautiful green eyes. Then gets her wet pussy fucked from behind and unloaded all over her beautiful face.

Cassandra and Nadine are horny choir girls! The girls deep throat and share their cocks, drooling everywhere and getting things wet and messy.

After getting fucked hard, Riley drops down for a big nasty load all over her pretty face. What a hot scene!


New cutie Christie Nelson is put to the test in a red hot oral audition that has her milking a huge load onto her tongue!

Another brand new hottie named Madison Swan (aka Mia Malkova) shows up for a oral audition. She drops to her knees and takes cock down her throat!

Despite her sweet and innocent looks, Bailey describes herself as a very sexual person.

Zoey Foxx returns to take a Ray and his buddy Lucas for a quick and dirty threesome suck and fuck fest!

Maddy O’Reilly a fiery redhead happened to need a good fuck, and heard Ray could take care of things!

Rikki Nyx, a beautiful Latina who works at a coffee shop near Ray’s place. Ray just loves her pretty smile and natural 36DD tits.

Beautiful blonde and only 18 years old, Samantha Rone has the tightest little body. She eagerly sucks and fucks Ray’s big cock for a hot load down her throat!

Stunning blonde Zoey Monroe, a dental assistant from Michigan with amazing oral skills and a naughty side that she’s been hungry to unleash.

Carmen Monet is in the shower when Ray sneaks up on her with his camera. She decides to treat Ray to a post audition BJ right there in the bathroom.

Claire Heart swings by to blow both Ray and his buddy Justin and sucks down two big hot loads!


More to volumes are coming soon. COLLECT THEM ALL!

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Doesn’t this just look like a party ready to start? One hot brunette in a short tight little dress down on her knees, a cock in one hand, and her fingers in her mouth. Tell me this beauty doesn’t have an oral fetish! Oh yeah, she’s gong to be sucking down some serious cock here!

We already know she’s going to suck down some serious cock, but doesn’t it look like she’s basically showing him where to put his jizz load!

slut loves jizz1

One thing chicks shouldn’t do at a party full of men is offer to give someone a blow job in front of everyone else – suddenly there’s other men with their cocks out who also want to get their cocks sucked off!

This little slut loves cock so much she was more than willing to take them all on – two or three at a time!

slut loves jizz2

I hope she’s really thirsty – she’s going to be getting a lot of jizz in her mouth!

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10 Nov 17

Sucking Jizz

Beth was good at many things, but one of the things she was best at was sucking cock. And she knew it. She knew that she could have any many she wanted just based on her reputation and past history of giving head. All of the men in town knew she was the best at sucking cock, and they would give anything to be with her!

And watching her in action we can see why….. She starts to get herself all excited by playing with herself, but the more she got into this blow job the more she wanted to please only him!

She just sucked him down, sometimes forgetting that she needed to breath!

hot slut loves eating jizz2 hot slut loves eating jizz4

The end result was well worth it… She always loved getting a big load of jizz right in the mouth!

She’s swallowed jizz so many times it’s not even funny…. And still each and every time she loved how the jizz tasted in her mouth!

hot slut loves eating jizz6

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This brunette is perfect – firm little tight body, hot titties, high heels, and a willingness to get down on her knees and suck cock!

If only all women were like this!

hot sexy slut gets jizz on face1 hot sexy slut gets jizz on face2 hot sexy slut gets jizz on face3 hot sexy slut gets jizz on face4

She knew Paul was going to leave her, so it was time to put out her best effort and show him that for all of her faults, she was still worth keeping…. She didn’t always put the effort into her blow jobs, but when she did she really knew what she was doing and she really knew how to suck off cock – she just didn’t do it often enough. Today was a new day, the first day of her life, and she was going to give him the best blow job he ever had – and then do the same for him daily, every day, until she died!

Down on her knees she went, and the more she got into it the more he got turned on….. And then it was time for her to pull out her trump card! She knew that he likes one thing more than anything else, and it was the one thing that she only tried once…. Swallowing cum!

If she had any chance of keeping him, this was what was going to save her! Time to swallow down all of the jizz that came out of his cock!

When he started cumming, she just kept on sucking….. And suddenly she discovered her mouth was full of his jizz!

hot sexy slut gets jizz on face7

Now if only she can give a blow job like this every day!

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The moment she got inside his place she started stripping off her clothes…. He sort of new it when he picked her up; With her cute tight skirt and that super tight top displaying her little boobies like two little trophies, well, he knew he would be easy! But damn, she was quick about getting naked!


She was also quick about getting his cock in her mouth! That’s a good sign that this is going to be a killer blow job! She grabbed his cock with her hand and quickly tried to take his entire length deep in her mouth!!!

This one wasn’t afraid of a little cock in her mouth, that’s for sure!


She sucked him off with reckless abandon, sucking him up and down and all around!!! He tried to hold back but couldn’t; He ended dropping his entire load right in her mouth! She took it like a champ too – a trampy champ! She took all of his jizz in her mouth, right on her tongue!

Not one to quickly spit it out or quickly swallow it down, she opened up her mouth and pointed to his load of jizz in her mouth and said “see what I just did for you?”. Bitch.


At least she knows how to suck like a little whore!

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30 Oct 17

Forced Cum Swallow

Some chicks just don’t like to listen. No matter how many times you tell them, they just can’t do it right. So sometimes you need to step in and take action – and force them to do it right!

This bitch wasn’t about to willingly deep throat him, which is such a shame – because all men like to have their cocks deep throated! But that’s no problem, just grabbing her by her hair is a quick way to get exactly what you want out of her. When you yank on her hair, trust me, you have her undivided attention! Suddenly getting her to deep throat is no problem, no problem at all!

cumshot in mouth2

She never really was one much for cum swallowing either, so while you’ve got her hair in your hand it’s time to kick her of that nasty habit too!

When your just about to cum, position her mouth right in front of your cock, and then when you start cumming yank on her hair – trust us, she’ll open up her mouth – and then swallow down all of your jizz!

cumshot in mouth3

Once you have your cum shot in her mouth, don’t let go of her hair. Keep pulling on her hair, not enough so that it’s painful, but enough so that it’s in her best interests to keep her head tilted up and making it impossible for her to spit it out… Then tell her you’ll let go once she cum swallows your jizz load!

cumshot in mouth4

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29 Oct 17

Sneaky Blow Job

Some girls just like sucking cock. It’s not about pleasing their man, or doing what is required of her. This hot little bitch surprised her man with a sneaky little blow job out by the pool….

You know how blow jobs go – one thing leads to another, and one blow job leads to a whole other set of great ideas…..

whore loves-cock eats jizz17

She sucked and she sucked and it turned him on so much that he wanted much more! They quickly moved into the house where she continued to suck him off!

This tight little brunette took it all the way to the end – right up to the point where he dropped a nice load of goo square on her tongue! Seems to me that she’s enjoying it, just like we had hoped she would! She sure does look beautiful with all of that goo on her tongue!

whore loves-cock eats jizz16

Now we know why they call them “blowjob ninjas“! The sneak up on you when your not expecting it and start sucking you off!

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28 Oct 17

Covered In Jizz

She looks all nice and innocent, doesn’t she? Don’t be fooled. She’s not all sweet and innocent. Most chicks are more than willing to get down on their knees to suck off a little cock every now and then, but every so often you meet a chick who is into oral sex much more than you would think! And this sweet little innocent brunette is one of those chicks who likes to take things to the next level!

young-bitch loves jizz2 young-bitch loves jizz3

And when I say the next level, I mean she wants to take cock on three and four at a time! She lives for the jizz! She just can’t get enough! She wants to swallow down as much goo as she can swallow down!

young-bitch loves jizz

Got to love chicks who love to cover their face with lots of jizz!

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24 Oct 17

Bathroom Blow Job

Seems like Claudia got a little tipsy at a party and started talking about how good of a blow job she can give…. She was talking shit about how no one in the room can suck cock like she can. Time to put your money where your mouth is Claudia!

Sure enough, someone called her out. “Let’s go in the bathroom and see exactly how you great of a blow job you give”. Sweet. Bring a camera!

Claudia quickly sat down, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and started sucking away on his cock! Turns out she was in fact pretty damn good at sucking cock!

hot teen loves sucking cock2 hot teen loves sucking cock3

Not only was she good at sucking cock, she was so good that he quickly got him off – and took the load of jizz in her mouth!

hot teen loves sucking cock1

Yeah, that’s a good blow job all right!

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16 Oct 17

Julie Loves Jizz

Don’t you just looking down and seeing a hot babe sucking on your pecker?

julie loves swallowing cum1

Don’t we all?

Thomas from Amateur Allure gets all of the hottest babes to suck him off! If it’s not enough that he has the hottest babes giving blow jobs on the Amateur Allure websites, they all have one other thing in common…. They all like to swallow down his jizz!

Julie seems to be enjoying this nice hot load of cum on her tongue!

julie loves swallowing cum2

What a great jizz loving slut she is!!!

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