12 Nov 17

Tongue Hanging Out

Khloe told him up front what she wanted from him… She didn’t want to know his name or where he was from, or what he liked and didn’t like in a future girlfriend. She just wanted to suck him off; She just wanted to know what his jizz taste like. If only so many more women were much more like young Khloe here – who only wants to suck cock so she can know what his jizz tastes like!

She looks beautiful working her tongue and up and down his shaft, and looking back up at him the entire time!


It didn’t take him long for him to get off. How could he not? Here was a chick who didn’t want any commitment or even to cuddle, just wanted to suck him off and swallow down his jizz. That would turn us on quickly too and make us quickly drop our load in her mouth!

Seems like the first shot went clear over her head!


But after he cooled down a bit he was better able to contain himself, and he got most of his jizz exactly where she wanted it – right on her tongue!


Last Modified: November 12th, 2017
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