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21 Dec 14

Hot Babe Eats Jizz

With the set of chompers this hottie has one would think that she would know all about the birds and bees – and more importantly for Amateur Allure – how to suck cock!

Yeah, I can’t wait to see her sucking dick!


Yeah, she knows all about sucking cock!!!

She took his cock in her mouth with reckless abandon and went to town! And the entire time with his cock in her mouth she still looked beautiful!


Yeah, she lives for the cum shot! She loves the taste of cum in her mouth!

That’s why she went to town on his cock and sucked him down whole!!!


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20 Dec 14

Gigs Of Jizz

Damn… This blonde haired beauty is about to get a huge mouthful of jizz – and then swallow it down!

This hot blonde is one of those rare chicks who loves to eat cock…. It’s almost like she was born to suck dick! It’s not often that we see a chick this hot willing to put this much effort in a blow job? It’s almost as if she’s not going to stop sucking cock until he’s cumming in her mouth!

And with the way she’s fondling his nut sack, well, she’s bound to make it happen!

blonde beauty sucks cock eats jizz3 blonde beauty sucks cock eats jizz4 blonde beauty sucks cock eats jizz5 blonde beauty sucks cock eats jizz6

When he starts cumming, she puts in as much effort swallowing his jizz as she does sucking him off! When he started cumming his cock was still in her mouth, and she just kept sucking as if nothing at all had changed…. And when she could taste his jizz on her tongue, it turned her on so much!

blonde beauty sucks cock eats jizz7

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Don’t you just love how all of the girls from Amateur Allure cum swallow?

Damn, that’s a lot of jizz she has on her tongue!!!

ellie lives to swallow jizz3

She’ll be sure to swallow it all down!!!

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17 Dec 14

Too Much Jizz

Do you think this chick likes swallowing cum?

I sure hope she does because she’s getting a mouth load of it! His cock is spitting out so much jizz that she can’t keep it all in her mouth! It’s dripping out of the sides!

crazy chick loves jizz2

But all good sluts love to swallow jizz and this crazy one is no exception! She took in as much as she could – and then swallowed it all down!

crazy chick loves jizz3

Drinking jizz is like drinking warm milk… Chicks dig how it sits in their belly!

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16 Dec 14

Darcy Loves Jizz

Damn, Darcy from Amateur Allure looks beautiful with a load of jizz in her mouth!!!

darcy cum swallow2-1

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He must have known this blonde hottie was a little slut when he took her home….. It must have been the fishnet stockings!

Sure enough, the only thing she left on was her fishnet stockings…. Otherwise she was buck naked when she started sucking him off! She didn’t get down on her knees like the rest of the girls, but instead squatted down with her legs spread… This was a special treat for him – not only could he watch her sucking him off, but he could also admire all of her sexy little tight body….

The entire time she just sucked him off!

hot blonde slut takes jizz50

Being able to watch entire body while she was sucking him off was a huge turn on – his cock was nice and hard and he was so ready to spit out his load of jizz!

And when he did start cumming, this little slut took it all in – right in her mouth like a good little whore!

hot blonde slut takes jizz51

Other chicks should take lessons from this cum swallowing whore!

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Beautiful and Busty, Amber, enjoys sucking Rays hard unit.  She enjoys some hard core fucking too, but most of all she love to finish by swallowing down a big load of jizz.

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Some chicks were born to suck cock! Check out this little brunette stark naked, legs spread, with a nice cock in her mouth, sucking him off!

She knew going in that he had a super long cock, yet still she decided to take his cock on – as if it was no big deal. But the moment his huge long cock started sliding in and out her mouth she knew she had a problem! She wasn’t going to be able to suck him down! Oh, sure, she’ll be able to suck off his cock, but she won’t be able to deep throat him! But at the very least, she’ll at least try!


She might not be able to deep throat him, but she’s got a little bit of a surprise for him – It’s not the first time she’s swallowed down a load of jizz! She doesn’t have a problem with it, and if it will distract him from the fact that she can’t deep throat him!

Holy crap, she’s got jizz dripping from her tongue!


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Richard decided that if Kristin wanted to take the next step in their relationship that some changes were going to be needed… Kristin wanted to move in together, and it was the last thing Richard wanted – unless he was going to get sex on demand. Kristin wasn’t the type of chick to just drop down and start sucking cock without being asked, and that needed to change. Richard spelled out the rules, and Kristin promised to be a good girl and give it a shot.

Sure enough, as they were packing up her stuff so she could move in with him, and right in the middle of it all with boxes all around them, Kristin suddenly dropped down to her knees and started to pull out his cock – just like she had promised!

celebrity blonde gets jizz in mouth licks cum off fingers6 celebrity blonde gets jizz in mouth licks cum off fingers7

Once Kristin has his cock out, it was time for her to keep her end of the deal. If Richard wanted daily blow jobs on the spur of the moment, well, Kristin can do that. She might not be so willing to give head, but once she had cock in her mouth she really knew how to give great oral sex!

celebrity blonde gets jizz in mouth licks cum off fingers8

Richard always loved how she could suck him off!

It was only a matter of time before he ended up cumming on Kristin’s face and in her mouth… Kristin loved to swallow jizz – she always got off knowing that different men tasted different – and swallowing his jizz was thing she always did every time she sucked him off!

celebrity blonde gets jizz in mouth licks cum off fingers11

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