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15 Sep 14

Lots Of Jizz

This blonde slut never had a problem taking down a jizz load before, but today she bit off more than she can chew… Rather, more cum than she could swallow!

She’s sucked off a lot men in her time and swallowed her fair share of jizz but she had never seen a man spit out this much jizz from his cock before!

blonde slut huge load of jizz 1

But like the good little whore that she is, she’s not backing out now! Not until every last drop is safely resting in her belly!

Because she loves swallowing jizz!

blonde slut huge load of jizz 2

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8 Sep 14

Free Blow Jobs

Becky is one of those whores who craves attention. And when a big breasted little slut needs some attention the best way for her to get is is to parade her titties in the local bar and offer up free blow jobs to anyone who is interested….. When she needs a hot cock deep inside of her all she needs to do is offer to suck his cock and she’s sure to have lots of men willing to take her up!

Turns out Becky knows her way around a cock too! She’s no stranger to sucking cock, that’s for sure!

way too much jizz17

But the best part about Becky is that she is not afraid of a little jizz on her face – or in her mouth!

She sucked him off and sucked him dry; She took what was left over right in her mouth and swallowed it all down like a good little whore!

way too much jizz16

Don’t worry, after she swallows down all of his load she’ll suck him some more, get him nice and hard again – and do it all over!

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5 Sep 14

Easy Blow Job

Some chicks are so dumb they’ll just do whatever they are told to do. “Take off your top, down on your knees, now put my cock in your mouth and suck it“. And nine times out of ten they’ll do it. “Now, pull on your hair and force your mouth down around my cock”.

Well, that didn’t seem to work.

gracie-338 gracie-341

So instead he laid her down, sat on top of her, and forced his cock down her throat!


This turned him like you wouldn’t believe; It was only a matter of time before he shot off his load! Right in her mouth!

And when he came, what a beautiful cum shot it was too!


All of his jizz went right in her mouth!

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This brunette is perfect – firm little tight body, hot titties, high heels, and a willingness to get down on her knees and suck cock!

If only all women were like this!

hot sexy slut gets jizz on face1 hot sexy slut gets jizz on face2 hot sexy slut gets jizz on face3 hot sexy slut gets jizz on face4

She knew Paul was going to leave her, so it was time to put out her best effort and show him that for all of her faults, she was still worth keeping…. She didn’t always put the effort into her blow jobs, but when she did she really knew what she was doing and she really knew how to suck off cock – she just didn’t do it often enough. Today was a new day, the first day of her life, and she was going to give him the best blow job he ever had – and then do the same for him daily, every day, until she died!

Down on her knees she went, and the more she got into it the more he got turned on….. And then it was time for her to pull out her trump card! She knew that he likes one thing more than anything else, and it was the one thing that she only tried once…. Swallowing cum!

If she had any chance of keeping him, this was what was going to save her! Time to swallow down all of the jizz that came out of his cock!

When he started cumming, she just kept on sucking….. And suddenly she discovered her mouth was full of his jizz!

hot sexy slut gets jizz on face7

Now if only she can give a blow job like this every day!

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Tanned California blonde loves deep throating cock and gagging gets her sweet pussy fucked and mouth filled with jizz.

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Some chicks just don’t like to listen. No matter how many times you tell them, they just can’t do it right. So sometimes you need to step in and take action – and force them to do it right!

This bitch wasn’t about to willingly deep throat him, which is such a shame – because all men like to have their cocks deep throated! But that’s no problem, just grabbing her by her hair is a quick way to get exactly what you want out of her. When you yank on her hair, trust me, you have her undivided attention! Suddenly getting her to deep throat is no problem, no problem at all!

cumshot in mouth2

She never really was one much for cum swallowing either, so while you’ve got her hair in your hand it’s time to kick her of that nasty habit too!

When your just about to cum, position her mouth right in front of your cock, and then when you start cumming yank on her hair – trust us, she’ll open up her mouth – and then swallow down all of your jizz!

cumshot in mouth3

Once you have your cum shot in her mouth, don’t let go of her hair. Keep pulling on her hair, not enough so that it’s painful, but enough so that it’s in her best interests to keep her head tilted up and making it impossible for her to spit it out… Then tell her you’ll let go once she cum swallows your jizz load!

cumshot in mouth4

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29 Aug 14

Big Drops Of Jizz

Some chicks are too hot to be sucking cock. One would think that a hottie like this would be able to pick up any man she wants from any night club in the world, and still not have to suck cock. But at the end of the day all women like sucking cock, and much to our surprise nearly all women love swallowing cum!

Who would have guessed that this little dark blonde hottie liked sucking cock? She sure does seem to be enjoying it….

jazzmin-hot blonde swallows sperm 3

Seems she’s enjoying this huge cum shot about to her her directly in the face too!

jazzmin-hot blonde swallows sperm 1

But of course she loves licking up the jizz off of his cock too! A lot of his jizz went right in her mouth, but she still wants to lick up every last drop of his cum that she can get into her mouth!

Not only does she like sucking cock, but she loves the taste of jizz!

jazzmin-hot blonde swallows sperm 2

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18 Aug 14

Too Much Jizz

Do you think this chick likes swallowing cum?

I sure hope she does because she’s getting a mouth load of it! His cock is spitting out so much jizz that she can’t keep it all in her mouth! It’s dripping out of the sides!

crazy chick loves jizz2

But all good sluts love to swallow jizz and this crazy one is no exception! She took in as much as she could – and then swallowed it all down!

crazy chick loves jizz3

Drinking jizz is like drinking warm milk… Chicks dig how it sits in their belly!

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Eager cock sucking brunette, gives Ray a sloppy wet blow Job.  He fucks her hard from all angles and finishes her off with facefull of cum that he spoons off and feeds to her. YUM!

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16 Aug 14

Cum Swallow Babe

She’s blonde, young, and naughty, but best of all she loves sucking cock….. She learned at an early age that one thing turns on all men more than anything else, and that’s when they come on her face and then she cum swallows their jizz down… Ever since she discovered this, she made it a point to always take a nice facial and then try to lick up every last drop of jizz she could lick up!

Combined with her looks, well, she had a lot of happy customers!

Because who wouldn’t want this hot young blonde slut sucking off their cocks?

hot blonde teen loves eating jizz1 hot blonde teen loves eating jizz2

Sure enough, every time she sucks cock… She gets a nice load of jizz to swallow down!

hot blonde teen loves eating jizz3

Because she’s learned to enjoy cum swallowing every chance she gets!

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