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28 Oct 17

Louise Loves Jizz

Don’t you wish all chicks sucked cock like this?

Louise loves licking cock – and the nut sack too! She wasn’t playing around and got right down to business. If her oral skills were going to be displaying online on the Amateur Allure website she might as well put in as much effort as she can…. And she has never put in as much effort into a blow job like she did for Thomas! She pulled out all the stops while sucking off his cock!

She is beautiful….. It’s not often that you get a young hottie who knows how to suck cock as good as young Louise here! Of course, this doesn’t mention the fact that she loves licking the nut sack! Thomas needed his balls cleaned anyhow!

the-perfect-blow-job3 the-perfect-blow-job4

This might be the perfect ending to the perfect blow job….. With a nice load of cum in her mouth!!!!


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15 Oct 17

Sperm Swappers

Oh, is there anything hotter than having two hot chicks down on their knees playing with your cock with their tongues? Oral tag teams are always the tops!!!

And as an extra added bonus, one of them is a red head….. Yummy!

sperm swapping1

When they are done teasing your cock with their tongues it’s time for them to enjoy the fruits of their labor! You didn’t think they were sucking off your cock because they like sucking cock, did you? Hell no! They want the jizz – the man goo – that comes out of your one eyed monster!

They want to swallow that jizz down!!!!!

sperm swapping2

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