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15 Oct 17

Jizz Lover

This cock sucking whore looks like she’s really enjoying the hell out of getting a load of his cum on her tongue!

hot jizz lover

That’s our type of girl!!!!

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Eager cock sucking brunette, gives Ray a sloppy wet blow Job.  He fucks her hard from all angles and finishes her off with facefull of cum that he spoons off and feeds to her. YUM!

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Richard decided that if Kristin wanted to take the next step in their relationship that some changes were going to be needed… Kristin wanted to move in together, and it was the last thing Richard wanted – unless he was going to get sex on demand. Kristin wasn’t the type of chick to just drop down and start sucking cock without being asked, and that needed to change. Richard spelled out the rules, and Kristin promised to be a good girl and give it a shot.

Sure enough, as they were packing up her stuff so she could move in with him, and right in the middle of it all with boxes all around them, Kristin suddenly dropped down to her knees and started to pull out his cock – just like she had promised!

celebrity blonde gets jizz in mouth licks cum off fingers6 celebrity blonde gets jizz in mouth licks cum off fingers7

Once Kristin has his cock out, it was time for her to keep her end of the deal. If Richard wanted daily blow jobs on the spur of the moment, well, Kristin can do that. She might not be so willing to give head, but once she had cock in her mouth she really knew how to give great oral sex!

celebrity blonde gets jizz in mouth licks cum off fingers8

Richard always loved how she could suck him off!

It was only a matter of time before he ended up cumming on Kristin’s face and in her mouth… Kristin loved to swallow jizz – she always got off knowing that different men tasted different – and swallowing his jizz was thing she always did every time she sucked him off!

celebrity blonde gets jizz in mouth licks cum off fingers11

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3 Oct 17

Double The Jizz

This blonde babe from Only Swallows must really like jizz….. And she’s learned that twice the cock produces twice the jizz!

She’s learned how to suck off two cocks at the same time so that she’ll get enough sperm in her mouth to make her happy!

cannot get enough jizz2

Imagine trying to swallow down all of that jizz in one huge gulp!

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All men like schoolgirls, right? Isn’t that one of the top five oral fantasies, right up there with two chicks that suck cock and women who swallow jizz?

This little bitch loves playing dress up. Her boyfriend is a little bit older, and she knew he liked her because she was only nineteen. But that doesn’t mean she can’t go a few steps further to fuel his kinky little fantasy! She also knows that he likes her because she gives all of her effort into sucking cock, pretending to be a dirty little whore – She knows he likes it that way!

Her boyfriend has a huge cock, but she’s learned how to suck him down and have to worry about cumming back up for air!


This slutty school girl knows exactly which buttons to push! And she knows just how to get him off quickly!

She also knows just when he’s about to cum, and when to open up her mouth to take in all of his jizz!


Looks like she got a bunch of his jizz bomb on her perky little chest!

That’s fine, just more for her to lick up later!

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24 Sep 17

Lots Of Jizz

Thankfully she had her glasses on… She didn’t know his little cock could spit out so much jizz!

cover my face

That’s a lot of jizz for one cock!!!!

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Slutty little cheerleader want to suck some cock? You bet you she does! All cheerleaders are true blue cock suckers who love oral sex! Every last one of them loves swallowing down cock!

This hot cheerleader babe has a firm hold on his cock and she’s swallowing him down! Just like they taught her in cheerleading school!

cheerleader-loves eating sperm3

What they didn’t teach this cock sucking cheerleader in cheerleader school is how to deal with all of the cum that a hard cock spits out! But it seems she’s learned how to swallow it all down!

cheerleader-loves eating sperm4

Because what good is a cheerleader if she doesn’t swallow jizz?

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Don’t wish more chicks were like Madison? She loves cum so much she takes on cocks two at a time – just to make sure there is enough jizz for her to swallow down!


Look like this big breasted blonde whore got exactly what she wanted – lots and lots of jizz!


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15 Sep 17

Super Hot Blow Job

Some chicks just like to suck cock, and some bitches make it into an art form! This little bitch is doing her best to make sucking cock into an art form!

We just love her devotion to getting him off…. She’s got her legs spread, her back arched, an she’s licking him up and down his shaft…. I bet you she’ll work her way down to his nut sack, lick him there and take his balls into her mouth, and then work her way back up to the tip of his cock and swallow that down whole too!

I bet you she can deep through his entire cock too! And that’s one hell of a long cock!


We found this hottie on Cum Fiesta, and it seems just right! Because she’s got a mouthful of jizz cumming her way!

She looks smoking hot with jizz dripping out of her mouth, but then again most women do!


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14 Sep 17

Boss’s Jizz

Women are such sluts! And sluts love to fuck – and suck cock along the way!

This hot little babe knew that getting ahead in the work place was going to be difficult, and she was willing to anything to get ahead in the workplace. If that mean sucking cock, then that’s exactly what she’ll do! Besides, she sucks cock for free and enjoys it; Why not suck off her boss’s cock – She’d enjoy it and maybe her boss would look at her a bit differently!

skinny blonde slut eats jizz 5 skinny blonde slut eats jizz 1 skinny blonde slut eats jizz 2 skinny blonde slut eats jizz 3

The one thing she didn’t know is that her boss loves dropping his jizz load on the face of any chicks he sucks off…. And she took it like a champ!

Clearly this wasn’t the first time she sucked off her boss!

skinny blonde slut eats jizz 4

And clearly it wasn’t the first time she took her boss’s jizz load!

She’ll be sure to get ahead in the work place!

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