29 Aug 15

Covered In Jizz

She looks all nice and innocent, doesn’t she? Don’t be fooled. She’s not all sweet and innocent. Most chicks are more than willing to get down on their knees to suck off a little cock every now and then, but every so often you meet a chick who is into oral sex much more than you would think! And this sweet little innocent brunette is one of those chicks who likes to take things to the next level!

young-bitch loves jizz2 young-bitch loves jizz3

And when I say the next level, I mean she wants to take cock on three and four at a time! She lives for the jizz! She just can’t get enough! She wants to swallow down as much goo as she can swallow down!

young-bitch loves jizz

Got to love chicks who love to cover their face with lots of jizz!

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Oh how love women who love to swallow cum…. As if it’s not hot enough that women are willing to get down on the knees and suck us off every chance they get, they are also willing to swallow down our jizz! Make sure you eat lots of fruit, because you need your jizz tasting good for these hotties!

This blonde babe from the Jizz Mouthwash site sucked him off and then opened up her mouth wide and just waited for him to drop his sperm load into her mouth…..

cumshot hot blonde eats jizz13

He let loose with a huge load of sperm, which she took in on the tongue of her mouth….. and then she swallowed it down, just like the good little whore she’s always been!

cumshot hot blonde eats jizz14 cumshot hot blonde eats jizz15

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28 Aug 15

Louise Loves Jizz

Don’t you wish all chicks sucked cock like this?

Louise loves licking cock – and the nut sack too! She wasn’t playing around and got right down to business. If her oral skills were going to be displaying online on the Amateur Allure website she might as well put in as much effort as she can…. And she has never put in as much effort into a blow job like she did for Thomas! She pulled out all the stops while sucking off his cock!

She is beautiful….. It’s not often that you get a young hottie who knows how to suck cock as good as young Louise here! Of course, this doesn’t mention the fact that she loves licking the nut sack! Thomas needed his balls cleaned anyhow!

the-perfect-blow-job3 the-perfect-blow-job4

This might be the perfect ending to the perfect blow job….. With a nice load of cum in her mouth!!!!


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If there's anything this hot amateur cutie named Miley loves, it's the taste of jizz. She came by our studio a while back and got pounded so hard, she must have been eaeger to come back for more. As soon as she got through the door, it was on. Those beautiful amateur boobs bouncing in my face made me ready to jizz in no time and she was eager to drink it all up again. If you dig this sort of hot amateur sex, you’re going to flip for Amateur Allure!

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28 Aug 15

Tricky Oral Treats

Imagine having this little beauty knocking on your door on Halloween afternoon – with her best treats hanging out on display!

You knew the moment you opened up the door she wasn’t looking for some candy!

miley halloween trick or treat blow job2

Unless it’s a big fat lollipop to suck on! And how Miley loves sucking on lollipops – and cocks for that matter!

Not only does she like sucking on cock, but more than anything at all she loves having a nice fat load of jizz in her mouth! Have you ever seen a chick look so happy with a load of jizz in her mouth!

miley halloween trick or treat blow job3 miley halloween trick or treat blow job4

She loves having a load of jizz in her mouth because she loves to cum swallow!

And girls like that are always welcome at Amateur Allure!!!!

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27 Aug 15

Big Drops Of Jizz

Some chicks are too hot to be sucking cock. One would think that a hottie like this would be able to pick up any man she wants from any night club in the world, and still not have to suck cock. But at the end of the day all women like sucking cock, and much to our surprise nearly all women love swallowing cum!

Who would have guessed that this little dark blonde hottie liked sucking cock? She sure does seem to be enjoying it….

jazzmin-hot blonde swallows sperm 3

Seems she’s enjoying this huge cum shot about to her her directly in the face too!

jazzmin-hot blonde swallows sperm 1

But of course she loves licking up the jizz off of his cock too! A lot of his jizz went right in her mouth, but she still wants to lick up every last drop of his cum that she can get into her mouth!

Not only does she like sucking cock, but she loves the taste of jizz!

jazzmin-hot blonde swallows sperm 2

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Gorgeous blonde teen, Samantha Rone sucking cock and getting her tight pussy fucked at AmateurAllure.com.

Samantha Rone Sucks Cock At Amateur Allure

Samantha Rone is an Exclusive Model only at Amateur Allure!

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I was excited when I found out this stunning young amateur cutie was coming over last week. Her name is Miley and the last time I fucked her she made me jizz my brains out and ate up the whole thing, so of course, I was ready to see her again. Things are no different with her now and she jammed my hard dick into her shaved amateur slit in no time. Before long, she was begging me to jizz in her mouth. To watch the full XXX movie of this naughty amateur cutie gulping down my nut, come down to Amateur Allure!

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I was amazed when I found out that this beautiful brunette amateur was under 20. From how this luscious little thing inhaled my dick and gulped down my entire load, I could have swore she was more experienced. I'll never forget those marvelous boobs of hers bouncing in my face while she pounded that tight slit of hers on my hard dick. Amateur Allure is the best spot for amateur spooge loving action.

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Despite the fact that this hot blonde sweetie has been on camera for years, this is her first on screen sex. You'd never know that she was an amateur to porn by the way she blows this hard dick before climbing on top of it and hammering her tight wet slit on it. Before you know it, she had Ray ready to cum, so she told him to pull out and jizz in her mouth. We've got pages and pages of amateur spooge drinkers like her over at Amateur Allure!

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